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Our philosophy is simple
“Be Creative and Strive for Excellence”

Creative Photography and Design

Red Shutter Photography

Welcome to Red Shutter Photography
Where moments have been hunted,
gathered and the joy of shared!

With our team leading your photographic expedition; whether that be a Wedding, Engagement, Family or Business Portraits, Promo or Editorial shots, as well as shooting corporate events, commercial catalog, fashion, food and beverage, we transform a photo session into an artistic experience.

We will help you achieve the image you will cherish for a lifetime because photos are a great way to capture those special moments in your life.

You can be at ease with Red Shutter Photography helping to capture the occasion with flair, sophistication, authenticity and a whole lot of heart.



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Client Testimonials

  • Emily Herbison
    Emily Herbison
    I found modeling for Melvin (photographer) a wonderful experience. The photographer and assistants were professional,friendly, creative and easy to work with.They made me feel comfortable, and they were easy to take direction from. This was one of my favorite shoots because of the photographers personality and professionalism, and the final images were fantastic. I would absolutely recommend Melvin to others.
  • Gozde Hilmi
    Gozde Hilmi
    Wonderfully talented photographer! Melvin is a creative genius who pays keen attention to details, delivers a quality product and makes the experience enjoyable!! He is warm, friendly and welcoming, very easy to work with!! I can see that he really wants his customers to be pleased with the outcome and he will do his very best to achieve that!! I highly recommend this photographer :))
  • Brandie Mabee
    Brandie Mabee
    Extraordinary talent. I've done 40 or 50 photo shoots over the years and Melvin's photos are some of my all-time favorites. Incredibly professional and the photos looked incredible straight off the camera. After post-production, they were even better. Melvin is great at providing posing/facial expression instruction to get the perfect look. The images we created are really stunning and I recommend him to everyone. If any readers want to message me privately to ask me more please feel free! Brandie